The deal that got me into this game

Sometime in 2011 there was an article in Yahoo about a travel-hacking deal that had been going on for a long time, until the story went public. When I read it, I was fascinated by it, and right there and then I decided to get into this “game”. The deal went like this:

The U.S. Mint, which is the U.S government body in charge of printing and circulating money, created a program to promote the use of the $1 coins, which no one really wants since they’re bulky and it’s just easier to carry paper money. To promote more circulation, the Mint decided that it would let people  buy these $1 coins at face value with a credit card and they would ship them to you for free. Immediately, travel hackers started to game the system. They would buy, for example, $1,000 in $1 coins online with their credit cards, get them shipped over for free, and as soon as they received them, took them to the bank and deposited them into their accounts, and then use the money to pay the credit card bill. No money was lost, and in the process they gained 1,000 miles or points, free of charge. Next thing you know, people were charging hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on their credit cards and racking up hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles while the U.S. Mint was left holding the bag, so to speak. Very creative, right?

Shortly after the deal went public the Mint killed it. They stopped accepting credit cards as a form of payment and put limits on the amounts you could purchase. The fact that it went on for so long and so many people took advantage of it to fly for free is a testament to how far the travel hacking game goes, and while this deal is no longer useful, there are many other loopholes out there that are currently being exploited, until they get shut down and others appear, and the cat and mouse game continues.

We have published several tricks that are going on, while we are keeping others closely guarded until the time is right to talk about them. Keep checking our site for future updates!

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