Tonight is Nochebuena!  Nochebuena is the latin tradition for Christmas Eve.  Unlike other traditions where dinner is made on Christmas Day, in Latin cultures we have a large family feast on Christmas Eve.

For us Cubans (as well as others), the gathering traditionally is centered around a pig roast.  For many the tradition is a whole day thing as the pig starts cooking early in the morning and slow cooked to perfection all day.  Somewhere between 8 and 10PM dinner is served!

For those celebrating today, enjoy!

Nochebuena Nochebuena2

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  1. JOHN says:

    Feliz Navidad !

    On all my Cuban Xmas trips we always roasted the pig on a stick over the fire. The “turner” was bribed with rum, and sat there for the 3-4 hours unless he fell off the stool first and couldn’t get back up. Then we took over.
    Nothing like a Cuban pig roast with many mojitos.

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