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I wanted to share a pet sitting service that we found not too long ago that has turned out to be a great tool for us when traveling. We have an 80-lbs German Shepherd “puppy” who’s still growing and loves attention, and so when we go out of town, he needs to be fed, walked and looked after. His name is “Westin”.

WestinWe tried a couple of local dog camps, some of which were good and some were ok. The main problem I have with dog camps is that there are many dogs, and the less expensive camps usually do not have staff that can spend enough time with the dogs. A private pet sitter sounded to us like a better option. This is when we found Rover.


Rover is a site that connects pet owners with local sitters. There are a few great things that we love about this site:

  • Search local pet sitters near your area
  • Compare prices. Different sitters have different rates
  • Reserve your pet’s stay online
  • Read sitter reviews from other users
  • Automatic pet insurance up to $25,000 during the stay, covered by Rover
  • Pay with a credit card (miles and points!)
  • Text and photo updates from your sitter while you’re away

When you are referred by a member and sign up, you get $20 credit towards your pet’s first stay, so trying out the service to see if you like it is very very cheap. We decided to drop Westin off for a night during our visit to Fredericksburg, which was perfect because it was only one night, which would allow us to get him back the next day in case he didn’t enjoy it.

We have used Rover several times since, and we have loved it every single time. Most sitters have no more than 3-4 dogs at once, which allows them to spend plenty of one-on-one time with your pet and give them all the attention they deserve, as opposed to being at a camp all day with dozens of other dogs. The effect on Westin has been amazing. He loves staying at sitter houses and playing with other dogs, and when we get him back he is so tired he just wants to sleep for a few hours. It’s great getting him back and seeing him so happy.

Westin at one of his sitters' home

Westin at one of his sitters’ home

Just like Uber, there is no money exchanged (unless you want to tip your sitter). Drop off, pick up, and you’re on your way. Something else we love about Rover is that the sitters have flexible hours. A dog camp will usually charge you an extra day if you go over a certain time, but with the Rover sitters we can drop off Westin in the morning, pick him up late in the afternoon the following day if we’re running late, and still pay only for one day. The only drawback about Rover if you will, is that it charges your credit card in advance when you book the sitter, but the reservation is always refundable up until a couple of days before the stay, so you can cancel and get your money back.

If you’d like to try out Rover for your pet, feel free to use my referral link or send me an email to travelguys @ You get $20 credit right away. I get $20 referral credit after you use yours.


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