Security threat gone good!

Out trip to Spain began rather eventful. Upon arriving at the airport, we encountered a rush of police cars rushing to the door just before the Delta concourse. We jokingly said, “maybe someone just left a bag or something”.

While at the Delta counter and moments away from getting our boarding passes, security rushes and says “everyone out of the area!” The whole Delta check-in area was stopped; employees and everyone else had to leave their stations and walk away.

We thought: “great, who knows what this will do to our flight” but being that all of Delta check-in was blocked we thought that we would be fine thinking they will hold the planes.

Turns out it was a bag that was left behind and they were following precautions. They had the special bomb squad come over to check the item. After over an hour or so they cleared the area and allowed us back to the check-in counters. We went straight to the same counter and continued our check-in only to find that they sent the plane off at the scheduled time.

Security Threat Security Threat Bomb Suite

The agent said no problem we have rebooked you on the next Miami-New York flight which will still get you in on time for your connection to Barcelona. Great! Except…

When we got past TSA we saw that the flight they put us on was already marked as delayed and even if it departed at the new time it would only give us about 15 minutes to switch planes in New York. That is if it stuck to the delayed schedule.

I immediately got on the phone with a Delta agent and kept insisting that the connections was too much of a risk. Long story short after almost an hour and 3 agents I was able to convince them that the connection wasn’t happening. They checked all other connecting options to no avail. It was looking like we were going to sleep in New York. Being persistent I kept asking for alternatives till we came upon an American Airlines flight from Miami direct Barcelona which had available seats. After a final LONG hold they were able to get all four of us on the direct American flight. I had my fingers crossed the whole time that my call wouldn’t drop.

As a points junkie my first thought was, “I wonder if we are going to earn miles for the AA flight even though we purchased the Delta flight on points!” More on that in a sec.

So we were confirmed on the AA flight with 4 hours to spare in Miami and they sent us on a chase to retrieve our bag. I thought this was going to be a nightmare, but I must say that the process was very quick and easy.

Bag Retrieved

Walked over to AA, checked back in and made it a point to enter our AA numbers on the kiosk for each member. With our Amex Platinum card we have access to both lounges and it was one of the few times that we’ll be able to visit both lounges in one day. We hung out at the Delta lounge while the whole thing was sorted and later hung out at the American lounge waiting on our direct flight to Barcelona.

In the end we flew direct, spend less time flying, arrived earlier and best of all when I checked our points balances, we earned AA miles for the flight!!!

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