Park Hyatt Paris Vendome – Review

Last December my wife and I took a quick 4-day getaway trip to Paris (my flight review here). While we had many great hotels to pick from,  we took advantage of my Hyatt Globalist benefits and decided to stay at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome.  Given the short trip, location was crucial. We are glad we picked this hotel. We loved every minute of our stay.

I booked a room for 4 nights using points. The hotel is a category 7 (the highest Hyatt category), so it cost 30,000 points per night, 120,000 total for the stay. I then used a Globalist suite upgrade from my account to upgrade to a suite. The hotel routinely goes for $700-$800 per night for a standard room. A suite easily goes for $1,500, so this was a great (and for us the only possible) use of points. I was surprised to find out that the hotel reserves three different type of suites for upgrades and I was given a choice between the Park Suite King, Park Deluxe Suite, and Park Executive Suite. I chose the Executive Suite just because it was a bit larger than the others from the website description. Normally when my wife and I travel alone I couldn’t care less about a suite upgrade or room size. I try to save my suite upgrades for when we travel with our son or my parents, but I had no better use for an expiring upgrade voucher, and European rooms are notoriously small, so I figured for 4 days we could use the extra space, and I’m glad we did.

Arriving at CDG we decided to take UberPool and it was a disaster because of traffic. I recommend taking the subway instead. Our room was ready even though we arrived at around 11:30 a.m., so we were happy to settle in and unpack as soon as we got to the hotel.

Check in was friendly, welcoming and professional. The staff confirmed the details of our stay, walked us through the hotel features and the Globalist benefits.

We were then escorted to our suite on the 4th floor to get settled in. The suite was spacious, well lit, and impeccable. It was basically two rooms joined by a connecting door, with a parlor and a full bathroom on one side, and the bedroom and another full bathroom on the other side. We entered the suite through the bedroom side.

You can access the first bathroom either through the bedroom or through the main hallway. I loved the soft color tones, marble and decor. It also featured a Japanese toilet. Toiletries were Christophe Laudamiel. They were very high quality and stamped with the hotel’s name and address.

Across the hallway was the connecting door into the parlor.

On the parlor side of the suite there was also a full bathroom nearly identical to the one by the bedroom, except it just had a regular toilet.

Both showers were gold plated, spacious and had a built-in bench. They also had a small sink and mirror. I found this to be an odd place for that combination, but I suppose it is useful if you like to shave in the shower. Don’t let the size of the shower head fool you. The rain shower had some of the best water pressure I’ve ever seen.

The parlor also had a Nespresso maker and pods.

Our room faced the interior courtyard, which was just fine with me. In an urban setting where you might just be looking at the building across the street anyway, I’d much rather face the hotel’s interior, which makes for quiet sleep. My apologies for not taking a picture of the view, but it looked something like this (from the ground looking up).

One feature I loved about the room were the fully automated blackout curtains. They ran on tracks and made the room 100% dark, which was great for sleep quality.

Attention to detail was refreshing. When I originally made the reservation online, I wrote in the comments section: “We love macarons”. Then I found out they read my comments.  This was waiting for us after coming back from dinner the first night.

As part of our Globalist benefits we received complimentary full breakfast at the hotel’s Sens restaurant, which consisted basically of full buffet plus one hot item. Technically Globalist members receive 50 euros credit per person per day, which is give or take what the buffet plus one item from the menu will cost. I understand the hotel will also let you have room service for free, but we enjoyed sitting each morning at the restaurant eating at our own pace with the drink service, so we did not take advantage of this. All our breakfasts were fully covered. I’ll let the buffet pictures speak for themselves.

Food quality was crazy good, fresh and tasty. We really did some damage each morning. Service was incredibly polished, attentive and welcoming.

On the third day of our stay, we could see a lot of security personnel wearing suits and ear pieces, some of them riding the elevators with us, and speaking short phrases in Spanish among themselves. From listening to local news I knew there were a lot of international delegations in town for the One Planet Summit, so we got curious. I asked the concierge who the VIP was, but as expected he couldn’t disclose it. Finally we put two and two together when that evening we saw a delegation of sedans parked outside with small flags on the windshield. A quick Google search, the flags plus the guards speaking in Spanish had us conclude that Mexico’s President Peña Nieto was staying at our hotel with his delegation, which was cool, except that unlike them, we paid nothing for our own suite.

The hotel’s common areas were as polished and elegant as our room.

I wanted to try the hotel’s main restaurant, Pur’ by chef Jean-François Rouquette, since it has one Michelin star, but when I saw the understandably high prices, I just felt I couldn’t justify the cost and we just went out to dinner each night, including the number one place in TripAdvisor at the time. All places we tried were fantastic.

Center courtyard at night

Overall impression:

This was my second time in Paris (first time many years ago) and my wife’s first visit. We really loved the city, the food, museums and culture. We also loved this hotel, its staff’s attention to detail, manners, welcoming attitude and professionalism. While there are cheaper (both in points and money) options in the city and even within the same area, this hotel’s reputation and the Hyatt brand drew us in, and I’m so glad we did. We enjoyed our stay and definitely recommend it if you ever visit the City of Light.

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  1. JM says:

    Mind sharing the non-hotel restaurants you ate at? Have a similar 4 night stay coming up and would love to get some good value on dinner each night.

    • travelguys says:

      We ate at Le Meduse, Relais Entrecote, and we had lunch at Angelina’s once. If you like hot chocolate that is mandatory. I don’t remember the other two restaurants, but we always shoot for high rankings on TripAdvisor and that never disappoints. Concierge can assist with recommendations too. Enjoy your trip!

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