I flew from Miami to Seattle for dinner!!!

So you think I flew from Miami to Seattle just for dinner? Well, not really just for dinner but that’s technically all I did on the trip, which was really a mileage run. I departed MIA on Saturday at 10AM, connected in LAX, arrived at SEA at 5:30PM, and flew back arriving in MIA Sunday at 6:15AM. Crazy? Well, maybe but there was an alternate reason to my madness!

SEA airport is actually in the city of SeaTac and not directly in Seattle.


Reason for the trip

Some weeks back I jumped on the American Airlines short lived promo by where they were offering status to non-elites for flying AA between September 1st and December 31st.

  • 6,000 miles for Gold
  • 12,000 miles for Platinum
  • 30,000 miles for Executive Platinum

It was a very generous promo which I managed to signup for before it was pulled. Just after confirming that the promo was active on my account I found a flight to SEA through LAX for $320 which provides just over 6,000 miles. So I jumped on it. It’s just under 6 cents per mile but the available schedule departing Saturday and returning Sunday plus the status is definitely worth it to me.

Oddly enough, I started running the numbers for other flights that I had already scheduled during the Sept. to Dec. period and I decided to grab 2 more Seattle weekend runs to hopefully reach the 30,000 total miles by December 31st. The benefits of Executive Platinum are definitely worth a few extra low cost mileage runs.


I had a 4 hour layover in Seattle, so while sitting in the Alaska lounge in LAX I decided to look for a good restaurant that I could get to from the airport. Online searches quickly brought up Mango Thai Cuisine & Bar. I had never eaten at a Thai restaurant before so I decided to check it out.



If the weather is cooperating, the restaurant is an easy 10-15 minute walk from the airport. The weather was absolutely perfect, low 70’s and not a cloud in the sky!

Food & Service

Service was top notch and my food was promptly brought out. The menu had so many items that sounded good I went with Crab Wontons as an appetizer followed by the Pork Belly Gra Pao. I am a huge fan of crab wontons but the presentation and flavor that these had quickly put them at the top of my list!


The pork belly caught my eye as I’ve heard of it but never tried it. I also saw great comments about it on a number of the online reviews and when I asked my waiter he said it was his favorite.  I had it with what he called a 2 out of 5 spice level which was absolutely perfect for my taste buds.


This plate was a burst of flavor and texture which I look forward to repeating. My waiter explained that the pork belly is slow cooked for 8 hours to allow it to render out the fat. It is then cooked on a bed of thai basil, bell peppers, onions, and topped with a fried egg. This plate is a must!

In addition to the great food there is also a great selection of local brews.

Next visit

With a few visits to Seattle pending I plan on trying to venture into town but I’m really look forward to eating at Mango Thai again.

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3 Responses to I flew from Miami to Seattle for dinner!!!

  1. Chris P. Jones says:

    Being a new miles/points enthusiast, I am considering pursuing status in a year or two. By achieving EP in this offer, you would maintain status thru when? Was this a targeted offer?

    Thanks for all your work with this blog!

    • travelguys says:

      Chris, sorry for the late reply. Long day today. Status on this offer would last through 2/28/15, but it was a targeted offer at best. It was clearly a mistake offer from AA that was pulled within hours, but honored for those who were able to sign up.

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