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I stayed one night at the Grand Hyatt DFW as part of my attendance to Frequent Traveler University DFW. While the event was at the Hyatt Regency DFW, I decided to hop hotels and spend one night at each of them so I could get two separate stay credits instead of one in my quest to reach Hyatt Diamond status faster and the “hard way”, since the Hyatt Diamond challenge is no longer being widely offered.

Photo credit: Grand Hyatt DFW

Photo credit: Grand Hyatt DFW

Reaching the property is very easy from the Regency, as you can just hop on their shuttle which goes around the terminal and reaches both properties. Being that most people will probably just go to this hotel directly to and from their flights, it is also easily reached via the DFW SkyLink, and it’s right outside the D Terminal.


Check in

Check in was very simple and fast, and also very friendly and courteous. They offered me a bottle of water, which I promptly took, and asked me if I had any questions about the property. They also gave me a coupon for a free 12-oz coffee at the lobby coffee shop, which I eventually traded for an espresso, my favorite. They set me up on the 6th floor on a room with a runway view.


It is worth noting that the prices for the hotel at the time were hovering at around $240 per night, but I had been able to secure a $135 per night price thanks to Hyatt’s Best Rate Guarantee, where if you’re able to find a cheaper rate elsewhere within 24 hours of booking, you can simply call and not only will they match that price, but also discount it an additional 20%. Compared to the Hyatt Regency group rate of $99 for the FTU event, it was a bargain considering how much better the Grand Hyatt was. The way I saw it I was buying an extra (much better) stay for only an additional $36.


I was very impressed with the room and how “techie” it was. For starters, the standard room they gave me was huge, with a small entrance area and the bathroom to the right, a large mirror wall on the right side, an armoire to the left, and then the main room at the end.


As soon as I swiped my room key and entered, the room lights automatically turned on, the floor to ceiling blinds rolled up and showed the entire runway, and the TV turned on and showed a welcome message with my name in it. Nothing beats having all the lights automatically turn on when you’re entering a room for the first time and not sure where anything is. It really helps to get your bearings.

As I mentioned, the room was spacious, and it also had a desk workstation with two opposite chairs.


The bathroom was beautiful, with separate shower and tub, nicely decorated and with all amenities including toothpaste, bathrobe, etc.


Each side of the bed had a small keybad tablet that let you control lighting, blinds and room temperature directly from the bed.


Another great “techie” feature was the minibar. Overnight I grabbed a Pepsi and a bottle of Voss water, and after check out I noticed that the final bill had those two exact items in it, so the minibar apparently had sensors to detect which items I took and automatically charged for them. It certainly beats having to rely on housekeeping counting items and reporting back, where you almost certainly then walk out with the wrong bill at the time of checkout, which is inconvenient for business travelers who often have to fill out expense reports.


Given this is an airport hotel, I realize a large number of guests are just using the hotel as a bed and might not generally visit places such as the pool, gym, etc. Being that I was on a similar schedule I did not have time to visit any of those places and will just keep this post as a review of the service and the room itself. I would have loved to try out the restaurant, which looked great, but being that about 50 of us ended up going on a lounge hop through the entire DFW airport that evening (more of that on a later post), we all had dinner at the Centurion Lounge for free.


Lobby bar

Grand-Hyatt-DFWAt checkout time, I requested to pay my bill with a Hyatt gift card I had purchased at a 15% discount, so I saved even more money that way. I went to the coffee shop to redeem my free coffee coupon for an espresso, which the attendant gladly accommodated even though I don’t think was technically allowed, while the front desk staff worked on my gift card and then went and got me at the coffee shop and returned the adjusted room bill and my gift card. I was very impressed with the attention and friendliness of the entire staff.

My free espresso

My free espresso was excellent

Overall impression:

For the price I paid, this was one of the best stays I’ve ever had as far as room quality, service and attention to detail. The room was gorgeous and modern, which I love in a hotel and the quality of sleep was great. Even though it is an airport hotel, the windows are soundproof and even on the lower 6th floor I had a very quiet and restful sleep. I very much recommend this hotel over the Regency if you are looking for a good quality overnight stay.

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