Disney’s hidden gem – the Baby Care Center

On my son’s first visit to Disney World, my wife had mentioned wanting to check out the park’s baby care center. I wanted to write a post about it, not only because I was very impressed by how well set up and stocked the place was, but also because I have the feeling lots of people don’t even know this place exists. The baby center provides a much needed break for parents of young children and their babies for changing, feeding, watching cartoons, and even a place to sit and hold a baby comfortably while they take a relatively quiet nap.

Disney Baby Care Center

We visited the baby center at Magic Kingdom, and I have since learned that each park has one center on premises. At Magic Kingdom, the baby center is located right off the main central park area facing the castle, right next to Casey’s Corner.

Disney Baby Care CenterDisney Baby Care Center

While our son was a trooper the whole day, we stopped by on the way out of the park primarily to check out the center and to take advantage of his feeding time, and we were glad we did. The center has a couple of chairs by the entrance, a kitchenette with microwave, sink for washing baby items, a mini refrigerator with water and juices, a bottle warmer, and countless baby essentials for sale, including infant formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, over the counter medicine, and even baby supplies such as bottles, pacifiers, sipper cups, etc.

There is a Disney attendant on hand at all times to assist you with any purchases and any other general needs.

Disney Baby Care Center

Disney Baby Care CenterDisney-Baby-Care-CenterDisney-Baby-Care-CenterDisney-Baby-Care-CenterThere is a baby changing area with about 5 or 6 changing tables, which is very convenient for parents to change their young ones.


And then there’s the “living-room”, set up with multiple high chairs for feeding, small stools, chairs and tables for the older kids, adult chairs and a TV playing cartoons to keep kids entertained. The high chairs were very convenient to comfortably feed our son and have him take a break from sitting on the stroller most of the day.

Disney-Baby-Care-CenterDisney-Baby-Care-CenterI think the only thing missing which could be useful would be a couple of rocking chairs to help babies take naps, but given the limited space it isn’t really practical, although MommyPoints tells me that they do have rocking chairs, so I guess I just missed them. Either way, the place never felt crowded and there was plenty of space for all the families who were there at the same time, and we got to spend a few minutes socializing with some parents who were there on their first visit, with even one couple carrying 1 year-old twins!

After many years visiting Disney, I had no idea this place even existed, not having had kids of my own in the past. I was very impressed, and really enjoyed the visit. Being only 90 minutes drive time from Disney, we now feel a lot more comfortable knowing that there is a small oasis in the middle of the Disney chaos for us to take our son, change him, feed him, and take a break from the crowds.

Have you ever visited the Disney Baby Center at Magic Kingdom or any other parks? I’d love to hear your experiences, especially if you visited any of the other parks’ centers.

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