Delta Sky Club International Terminal F, Atlanta – Review

I stopped by this lounge on a 2-hour layover in ATL earlier this week. ATL has Delta Sky Club lounges on each terminal, but the best according to everyone’s consensus and online reviews is the Terminal F lounge.

I accessed the Sky Club for free courtesy of my Amex Platinum card, which grants the cardholder free access. The club used to allow 2 additional guests per cardholder for free, but that benefit has since been removed. Any additional guests you want to bring with you will require a $27 fee.

Sky-ClubAccording to Delta’s online info, this lounge, along with the one on Terminal E, are the only two in this airport that feature showers, which I wanted to use. I was getting to my final destination at around midnight, and I wanted to get the shower part out of the way and go straight to bed.


My connecting flight was on Terminal A, so if you have less than a couple of hours layover I don’t recommend making the trek. I hopped on the airport train and made it out there in about 10 minutes, and the train trip back was around another 10 minutes. As soon as I got there, I asked the front desk clerks where the showers were, and they directed me towards the back of the lounge.

Once I got to the shower areas in the back, I saw the attendant and requested one shower room. There was no wait time. The attendant pointed to a basket on her desk and invited me to take any free additional essentials I might need. The basket had toothbrush and toothpaste kits, deodorant, combs, shaving kits, mouthwash and a couple of other items I don’t remember, but these are the ones I grabbed, just in case, even though I was carrying all that on my carry-on. You do not need soap, shampoo, conditioner or towels. All those are already inside your shower room.


I was given shower room #6. The room was clean (except a couple of small flying bugs hanging around the shower curtain), and had all the essentials. There is a private toilet and sink, and of course the shower. There is a very handy wooden bench, and also plenty of room to bring your luggage in. There were plenty of towels (more than you would use) for one person.


The water pressure was a little weak, and it became even weaker for a second or two each time I heard someone at a nearby room flush a toilet, but otherwise, it was perfectly fine for a quick shower on my way to my next flight. The shampoo, conditioner and soap were pretty good.

On the way out I left a $5 tip inside the room for the attendant coming in to clean up for the next guest (I’m not messy and could have left a little less, but wasn’t carrying any singles at the time). On the way past the shower attendant I asked her if it was ok to leave the tip inside the room and whether the attendant would get it and she said that was perfectly fine.

After that, I grabbed a small bite to eat from the spread the club has, which consists of crackers, humus, roasted peppers, some salted vegetables like pickles, etc. (not the fresh ones, but from a can), grabbed a glass of water at the bar (no alcohol for me this time around) and made myself an espresso on the coffee machine. Any club with free espresso is a big plus for me.



Spread in Sky Club at Terminal A (exactly the same as F's)

Spread in Sky Club at Terminal A (exactly the same as F’s)


After eating I walked around for a few minutes and snapped a few pictures of the lounge, and they came out terrible. Sorry!


This club’s signature feature is the Sky Deck, but it was closed due to being wet and all the rain in the area, and it was already dark outside, so I couldn’t even see it through the windows.

The furniture didn’t look too comfortable and looked a little crammed, but I can’t really say for sure since I never sat down. There is a quiet room (or at least it looked like it from outside), behind glass doors.


My flight time was 9:55 p.m., and the front desk attendant had suggested that I headed out no later than 9:00 p.m., although it had only taken me a few minutes on the way to the club. Nevertheless I followed her advice after having eaten and showered already, and headed for the Sky Club on Terminal A, which was only a two-minute walk to my gate (A1). Got there with plenty of time.

I thought the Sky Club at F was definitely much better than A, since it had more amenities and a better looking bar (although exactly the same food). The Sky Deck is pretty nice, or so I’ve read, so I’ll have to visit it at some other time.

Sky Deck (not my picture)

Sky Deck (not my picture)

When stopping by Atlanta, if you have some time, consider stopping by this lounge, which was pretty nice by domestic lounge standards.

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