Connecticut – Part 1 – Pizza!

Just returned from a wonderful trip to Connecticut.  This is what I’m calling my pizza trip as the destination was New Haven to try the famous Pepe’s and the local rival Sally’s pizzerias on Wooster Street.  This destination made my bucket list some years back when The Travel Channel put on a show about them.

Sallys PizzaPepes Pizza









Coal Oven at Pepe's

Coal Oven at Pepe’s

On the first part of the trip review I’ll jump right to the meat and potatoes of the purpose of the trip.  We showed up at Pepe’s at Noon and there was already a line our front waiting to be seated.  I’ll say both pizzas were very similar (almost identical), New Haven style pizza is made in a coal oven.  The dough had a nice crunch to it while also being chewy.  Sally’s differed in that the sauce was a bit more tangy and the pie was more evenly cooked with the toasted parts not being over toasted and not tasting charred.  Pepe’s pie had a spot on it that was a bit over charred to my taste.  Service, hands down was way better at Pepe’s where they made us feel at home and everyone was ready to help.

Pepe's Pie

Pepe’s Pie

Sally's Pie

Sally’s Pie

Although I liked Sally’s a little better on a scale of  1-10 Pepe’s would be a 9 and Sally’s a 9.2.  Taking the service into account I would much rather go to Pepe’s any day.

If you are in the area, you should stop right next door to Pepe’s for the best cannoli or traditional Italian pastries.  The cannoli were absolutely amazing!

Libby's Italian Pastry Shop - Wooster Street

Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop – Wooster Street

Although the pizzas were amazing, I personally still prefer New York pizza.  Been to any of these restaurants?  Share your favorite or any comments below.

On the next post we’ll review our Hotel and also another great pizza joint.


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