Chinatown & Manapua – Oahu

We ran across this in passing, but there is a “Chinatown” in Oahu.  Although not as large as say, San Francisco, it’s quaint and still a great spot to get rare fruits, vegetables and even fish.  For fruit lovers, rare tropical fruits such as the Jackfruit, Durian, and Mangosteen are readily available throughout Chinatown.

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One of the things that we mistakenly found in Chinatown was manapua.  Manapua(Cha siu bao) is a barbecue pork filled bread which originates from Cantonese culture.  We were walking back to our car and saw this place called Char Hung Sut with people constantly walking in and out. They all walked out with what looked like pastry boxes.  The place further reminded me of Cuban bakeries when I was a kid so I decided I must have a closer look.

People were buying what looked like a large steamed bread ball.  After inquiring they were called Manapua and this was supposed to be the best place on the island in making them.  We were amazed by Manapua and would consider this a must have while on the island!  Our kids tore them up too.  We ate them in true tourist style while standing outside on the sidewalk in total amazement.  So much so that a local stopped and asked if it was the first time we had them!



Fresh Steamed Manapua



If you’re in the area, drop in and check it out.  Definitely worth the stop!

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