American Airlines Admirals’ Club San Juan International Airport – Review

The American Airlines Admirals’ Club at San Juan International in Puerto Rico is located just outside the D-12 gate. While you can no longer access the lounge using the American Express Platinum or Priority Access card, you can access the lounge via the Citi Executive Platinum MasterCard, even if you’re not flying American. The Citi card lets you bring in family members without being subject to the 2 guest limit that the Platinum Amex had. We had a party of 6, including my parents and in-laws, and we were flying Southwest, so it was great to be able to get everyone into the lounge on a single cardholder account.


The lounge is very clean, spacious and nicely decorated, and being a “foreign” country, sort of anyway, it has a bit more value compared to the lounges back home, since besides the usual free house wines, beers and spirits, it also offers fresh fruit and an espresso machine that brews excellent coffee.


The lounge was very quiet the whole time we were there, and it never felt too crowded. The front desk staff was very welcoming and friendly and did not even check our IDs to make sure we were all related, even with a large party of 6.

My only complaint about the lounge was that their free Wifi kept booting my iPhone off after a few minutes and I had to keep reconnecting. I did not have any problems using my iPad.

The chairs were comfortable and the restrooms were clean, and the bar staff was also very attentive. If you’re ever in San Juan and have the chance of visiting the lounge, it is a great choice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main terminal.

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