Staples free $20 deal is back until 6/21/14

Apologies for showing up late to the party as I’ve been busy with this thing called life, but from now until Saturday, June 21st, Staples is back with its promotion where you can get a $20 VISA gift card (must submit rebate request form) after you purchase $300 or more of Visa gift cards (hat tip Frequent Miler). Multiple reports agree that the deal works in stores only.


Under this deal, you can go to your local Staples and pick up $300 worth of Visa prepaid gift cards (the one pictured above) and your rebate forms should print automatically with the purchase receipt. To minimize costs and maximize points earned, I would try to buy two $200 cards, since the fee for each one is $6.95 and so for an extra dollar ($100 gift cards are usually $5.95) you can pick up an additional 500 points. The sweet spot of this deal is paying with a card that earns you multiple points per dollar at office supplies stores, like the Chase Ink Plus or Bold credit cards.

If you can find the cards at the store, this is essentially free points and free money, since the gift card you receive as a rebate is actually more than what you will pay in fees.

I went to my local Staples tonight and purchased $400 worth of cards and paid with my Ink Plus card and earned 2,065 free points at a $7 profit. I immediately then drove to my local Walmart and unloaded the gift cards into my BlueBird account so I don’t have to carry them around anymore and can simply pay my mortgage with those funds. This Million Mile Secrets article explains in more detail how to unload the funds from the debit cards and right into your BlueBird account. My Walmart has a kiosk, so I didn’t even need a cashier to do it.

The rebate for the $20 prepaid VISA card can then be filled out online and must be completed within 60 days of purchase. Allow 4-6 weeks for mailing of the gift card.

This deal is on only until Saturday, so don’t delay!

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