Slick looking card

A few days ago I received my new “Discover it” card. I really like the design, and I’ve never seen a card like this before. It has no name or numbers in the front!!!

Discover it

I am using this card solely for bonus categories. There are different ones each quarter. The current quarter through March 31st features 5% cash back on restaurants and movies. For an added bonus, you can link your card to one of the many dining network programs and earn multiple miles for your purchases. The period I’m most excited about is the summer, which will more likely feature 5% cash back on gas purchases, which at today’s prices comes very handy. The card always earns 1% cash back on all other purchases, and it also has a shopping portal that will earn you up to 20% cash back on many other purchases.

If earning cash back is your primary goal, this card is really generous. You can apply for this card here.



Disclaimer: We do receive a commission if you apply for this card using the link above. As always, your support is always truly appreciated. Thanks for reading our site!

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