Registration for American Express Small Business Saturday is now open

One of the best promotions of the year is coming in fast, less than a week away, on Saturday, November 30th. In the meantime, all you have to do for now is start registering all your American Express cards, including all authorized user cards. Normally authorized user cards have a different card number than the primary cardholder’s, and that’s all you need. As long as the credit card number is different, the card qualifies for the credit.

While we were all expecting a repeat of prior years, where you could get a $25 statement credit for each card, still the $10 credit is welcome and it’s still free money.


Registration is limited and on a first come first serve basis, so go ahead and gather all your Amex cards and register them individually at, then check out the list of participating businesses in your area, and plan your spending strategy for this coming Saturday. You should receive a confirmation email for each registered card as soon as you link them.

Side note: I tried to register my BlueBird card since it’s an Amex card, but the system picks up on it and disallows it. Only real credit cards are allowed.

In my prior experiences, some gas stations and supermarkets have participated, so we have gotten our shopping list ready, headed out to a local supermarket, and have gotten the cashier ring up separate $25 transactions on each card (or $10 this year). We have also filled up our gas tanks on Small Business Saturday, so if there are participating gas stations in your area, you can start depleting your gas tank now during the week and go fill up on Saturday.

As far as restaurants, there are many in our area that participate. So in anticipation of Saturday, I will contact some of them and see if they sell gift cards, and I will simply head out to one or two and buy gift cards to use at a later date, or simply have dinner that day and have the waiter ring up $10 on each card.

There are many strategies to follow to make sure you get the free money on each of your Amex cards, but again, the one thing you need to do right now is make sure you register, so don’t delay!

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