Great Lowe’s Deal

NOTE: ***The 15% deal is now dead***

Thanks to Frequent Miler for posting this quick deal for 15% off Lowe’s e-gift cards. There are other gift cards on sale as well, such as Sears, Office Depot, etc.

Thinking through the Lowe’s example, and just to expand on the deal, I think this deal is potentially worth up to 33% off. Here’s a breakdown for a $1,000 purchase example:

Part 1 – Buying Lowe’s Gift Cards

Buy a $1,000 e-gift card using the deal mentioned above, save 15%


($150) 15% off
$850 net price


Pay with your Discover card, currently offering 5% cash back off online purchases, save $42.50


($42.50) 5% Discover cash back
$807.50  net price

Part 2 – Using your gift cards for online purchases

Go through TopCashBack, currently paying 4%, and save $40


($40)    4% TopCashBack

Use 10% off Lowe’s coupon on $1,000 order, save $100.  These can be purchased on ebay if you don’t have any.


($100)    10% off coupon
$667.50 net cost

So, on a $1,000 Lowe’s purchase, you can save up to a whopping 33%.

In a recent tweet from Lowe’s they confirmed that you can use multiple gift cards on one purchase.


Not sure how long this deal will last, but I wouldn’t wait too long to jump on it!

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