Don’t forget to use your $20 P.F. Chang’s gift card!

Back in November Giddy for Points published an Amex deal where you could get $120 worth of P.F. Chang’s gift cards for $90 by leveraging an Amex cash back offer of $10 back for spending $40 at P.F. Chang’s, and a P.F. Chang’s offer of receiving a $20 gift card for purchasing $100 worth of gift cards.

While we didn’t write about this offer at the time, I did get in on this deal thanks to Giddy for Points, so after having dinner at P.F. Chang’s a couple of times and saving some money, I still ended up with a $20 P.F. Chang’s gift card that was only valid from 1/1/14 through 3/31/14, so I couldn’t use it at the time of the promotion.


Going through my gift cards folder I just ran into this gift card and realized it expires on 3/31/14, so I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone who might have taken advantage of this deal, in case you forgot about the orphan $20 card. This makes for a great Friday evening outing, where you can use up the value of the card and pay any additional amounts with your Chase Sapphire card, which pays 3x per dollar spent on restaurants on the first Friday of each month. That’s today!

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