Check your MLife offers after you do your status match!

We’re going to Vegas in a few days and I’ve had a Spa Suite booked at the Monte Carlo for a while. I’m looking forward to getting out of town and relaxing for a few days.

Originally, I booked the room at $116 per night (plus the $20 resort fee, of course). A few days ago, my wife noticed that the same room was going for $104 per night, so I called right away and had MLife re-price the stay.

MonteCarloI was able to do it over the phone without any problems, and the agent emailed me a new receipt right away (although the confirmation number remained the same).

I had been meaning to do the Hyatt-MLife status match for a few days, but hadn’t taken the time. Immediately after I re-priced the reservation, I went to the landing page and entered my Hyatt Gold Points number and password, and my MLife account immediately showed the updated Gold status. I don’t plan to use the enhanced status very much, but the match is free, and the buffet line passes and priority check-in line will save us a lot of time while we’re there.

Anyway, as soon as I got the Gold status, it occurred to me to check back for pricing, and lo and behold (although not totally unexpected), I saw a different pricing scale, with the same room now showing at an average of $98 per night.

MonteCarlo-GoldSure enough, I picked up the phone again, only to end up reaching the same MLife agent, who told me, Mr. Michael, didn’t I just speak to you a minute ago? We had a good laugh, and she then adjusted my price again, and sent me a brand new confirmation for the new rate.

While I don’t know this for sure, my best guess is that if you have MLife Platinum or a higher tier, your discount will probably be even larger. Point being that if you already have a reservation in Vegas for one of their MLife properties or are planning on going in the future, try to match to the highest possible tier and then check back the prices under your updated status and see the savings and perks add up!

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