Amex $10 credit after $50 spend at Office Depot or OfficeMax

Amex currently has a great offer where you can earn a $10 credit for making a minimum $50 purchase at Office Depot or OfficeMax, either in store or online (online at only). To qualify for the credit you must link your card first either through the portal or through social media at

Amex OD and OM

The terms say e-gift cards do not qualify, so if you go through a shopping portal to earn additional points you probably won’t get the credit. The safest thing is to just use the cards at the physical store. I’m planning on buying gas cards which I’ll be using anyway.

If you have the American Express Simply Cash card, which earns 5% cash back at office supplies stores you can probably earn the additional 5% cash back, so a $50 gift card should come out at a net cost of $37.50, but there is no language about this in the terms and conditions, so YMMV.

I linked every other Amex card my wife and I had, including Serve (6 cards in total). To sync multiple cards, just go to, unsync your current card and sync the next one, and repeat the process. When you’re syncing the next card, the system will prompt you to log in with your Amex username and password, which should make it easy for you to select the next card without having to type in the entire card number. Make sure the loaded Office Depot or OfficeMax offer shows as loaded to your card before making the purchase.

My AT&T $150 credit posted!

A few days ago there was another Amex offer for $150 credit when spending $150 with AT&T wireless. While I don’t have an account with them, I used my card to pay a friend’s account so that he could take advantage of it. The credit posted a couple of days later, and while I personally couldn’t take advantage of the offer, it was great to be able to help out a friend get some free money.

Amex ATT

Keep checking the Amex portal for cash back offers. It is offers like these that really make it worthwhile keeping Amex cards, some of which have pretty steep annual fees.

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