$5 Amex credit with Starbucks online purchase

Amex currently has a great offer where you can earn a $5 credit for making a minimum $10 purchase at the Starbucks store (online only, in-store purchases do not qualify). To qualify for the credit you must link your card first either through the portal or through social media at sync.americanexpress.com

SBoxThe terms say you must make a purchase at store.starbucks.com, but when I went to the site and selected gift cards, it redirected me to the starbucks.com website. However, I did a $10 purchase to reload my existing card, and I received the email confirmation saying that I had made a qualifying purchase with my synced Amex card, so this method worked.

After that, I linked every other Amex card my wife and I had, including Serve (6 cards in total) and received the credit on all of them, so I earned $30 in free Starbucks money via Amex credits!

To sync multiple cards, just go to sync.americanexpress.com, unsync your current card and sync the next one, and repeat the process. Make sure the loaded Starbucks offer shows as loaded to your card before making the purchase.

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