2 for 1 Visa Signature movie tickets promo is back

Not exactly travel related, but a good deal worth mentioning anyway for those of you who love movies, especially since most of us travel hackers have at least one or two Visa Signature cards.

Fandango has once again released its 2 for 1 free movie tickets for Friday evenings when you pay with a Visa Signature card, such as the Club Carlson VISA credit card from U.S. Bank. The promotion is good until August 2, 2013, and is limited to one purchase per VISA Signature card every 30 days, but you already know there is a way around that by using a different card or having your spouse use theirs, right? If you have a family of 4 going to the movies and you have two different VISA Signature cards, have each spouse place two separate orders with separate cards and now you have two free tickets, instead of one.

The only other requirement is that you must purchase the tickets on a Friday for a Friday showing.

We like to use this offer to get 2×1 tickets to Cinebistro, since their tickets are around $15. The maximum value of the ticket that qualifies for this offer is $19.50.

Fandango Visa Signature

To take advantage of this offer, you can head over to Fandango, where you can enter your 16 digit VISA Signature number to make sure the card qualifies prior to making your purchase.

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