IHG Big Win promotion ending on April 30th

If you’re signed up for IHG’s Big Win promotion, just remember that the deadline to stay is April 30th. In this promotion, you complete certain bonus points offers, and when you complete them all, you “win big”, and you receive the Big Win bonus, which is different for each person depending on the original offer your received. This prior article details what my strategy was for completing all offers.


In my particular case, I could earn a maximum of 84,000 points, and I’m happy to report I was able to complete it. Along with all the stays I had, I signed up for a bunch of free promo codes from IHG, and I was able to actually earn approximately 111,000 points between stay points, bonus points, and the Big Win promotion.


For all my 4 stays, I ended up paying around $600, which turned out to be around $0.05 per point earned. Considering you can unofficially purchase IHG points at around $0.07 per point, this promotion didn’t end up being extremely profitable for me, but I ended up with an extra 111,000 points in my account that I plan to really burn each time the Points Breaks promotion comes out. When I originally signed up for the promotion I was expecting to have some work travel, which would translate into totally free points, but then my travel changed and I ended up paying for all stays myself, which was fine with me.

Did you take advantage of this promotion? I’d love to hear what your final tally was.

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3 Responses to IHG Big Win promotion ending on April 30th

  1. Dany says:

    I ended up completing only about half of the big win, but it still netted me 40k points. Mine had 7 stays but 2 of those had to be Saturdays.

  2. Jerry Mandel says:

    ” Considering you can unofficially purchase IHG points at around $0.07 per point,….” How?

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