1,500 AA miles for $0.99. Go get’ em!

There is a deal doing the rounds where you can get 1,500 AA miles for a digital subscription to the New York Times for a total of $0.99 for the first 4 weeks. You can refer to this Flyertalk thread for more details.

You can reportedly receive miles for all the other major airlines, but AA has the best deal for 1,500 miles. Delta is offering 1,000, United 900, and U.S. Airways 950. Since U.S. Airways and AA miles are expected to eventually be interchangeable, go with the higher 1,500 AA miles.

AA 1,500 miles NYT


This link will take you straight there. Thanks to New Girl in the Air for posting this deal.

The fine print says that in order to get the miles you must maintain your subscription for 120 days, but users are reporting receiving the miles within the first 2 weeks. In any case, it’s an easy deal for $0.99. I set up subscriptions for everybody in my family and their mother.

Take screenshots just in case. Don’t forget to log on your calendars to cancel your subscription in 3-4 weeks!

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One Response to 1,500 AA miles for $0.99. Go get’ em!

  1. Kris says:

    Sweet! I could use the extra AA points.

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