How to easily reset the expiration date of your SPG points

SPG points are extremely valuable in my book, and while I constantly have activity in my SPG account, if you no longer have the SPG American Express card and haven’t had activity in your account in a while and your points are about to expire, you can use Audience Rewards to reset your SPG expiration clock. Audience Rewards lets you answer trivia questions in exchange for SPG points (you’ll have to link your SPG account), and the points transfer to SPG in a few days. You only get 2 points per correct question, but that’s enough activity to keep SPG points from expiring.

This Flyertalk thread continuously publishes the answers to each question, so you don’t even need to know the answers to get them correct.


Sample question

Sample question

There are usually 5-6 questions each round. I don’t regularly answer them unless I’m extremely bored, but this can be extremely handy if you need to reset the expiration of your points or if you’re literally a few points shy of booking a stay. That, plus learning some cool trivia in the process!

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