Going for IHG’s Big Win? Keep an eye out for these bugs!

No, they’re not bed bugs. They’re actually system bugs. In the past I have written about the current IHG Big Win promotion, where you can potentially earn many thousands of points (depending on your targeted offer) for completing eligible stays at IHG properties. You can register for the promotion here.

After completing my first stay I received a follow up email showing my progress, but then noticed that one of the items that I had started, which was the “Book 2 separate stays through our IHG app and receive 8,000 points” showed as Not Started:

IHG-Big-WinI know with 100% certainty that I booked my first stay through their app. I expressly stayed off the computer just so I wouldn’t mess it up. Immediately I called and told their customer service rep about my issue. The rep told me that app booking credits would post later, within 4-6 weeks. Now, I have been booking stays and completing promotions long enough to know that what I was being told didn’t make sense, especially since I got the vibe that the rep was speaking with no conviction whatsoever.

So then I started reading up more about it, and it seems as if this is a systemwide problem that IHG is having, and stays aren’t being credited as having been booked via the app. Apparently, IHG is aware of the problem, but so far I haven’t seen anything to indicate that they have fixed it. Instead, I have only seen reports of them dealing with it on a case by case basis, especially if you call and request to speak to a supervisor that will confirm that your stays were booked through their app. If you have stays coming up and you have booked through their app, it wouldn’t hurt to call ahead of time and try to confirm that your reservation shows that way. This Flyertalk thread has a lot more information about everyone’s experience so far with this bug.

Another problem that seems to be happening is that some members’ promotions are changing up mid-game, and the problem seems to be the Best Flexible Rate with Breakfast. I have personally seen my own offer switch back and forth between the Best Flexible Rate with Breakfast and the booking a Great Value Package offer. My recommendation is to take screen shots of whatever your personalized offers are, and save them until the end of the promotion.

I’m sure IHG is working through these kinks, although I would have expected them to have fixed this already before more people register for the promotion and it starts getting out of hand.

Are you currently signed up for this promotion and have you completed any stays? If you’ve experienced any problems so far please share them in the comments section below, along with how you have handled them.

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  1. Orlando says:

    Thanks for the info! I just noticed that my bookings last month were uncredited, and thought I might have done something wrong. Will have to call them.

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