Getting hotel chains to match your elite level with competitors

Elite status is important when you travel a lot. Not because it makes you more important or special than anyone else, but because elite status brings about additional benefits that you would not otherwise have, such as free breakfast, free Wifi, early checkin and late checkout, room upgrades, bonus points, welcome gifts and beverages, and other freebies. It is even more special when you can take advantage of status matches and get those benefits the easy way.

A few days ago I read about a website that helps you find out what chains offer status matches, and what kind of elite status you can get by matching from other chains. The website is called and it is primarily maintained by users. If you have a trip coming up and you know which hotels you are going to be staying at, it helps to have a look and see what you can get by matching from other programs.

I have Gold status with Hilton and SPG, and Silver status with Club Carlson. By going to the website, I noticed that Best Western will match you to their Platinum level if you have SPG Gold status, and to their top Diamond level if you have Hilton Honors Gold status. The list below contained the most recent user reports at the time, with the results from their matches.

Best Western Diamond match

We do have a 3-night Best Western stay coming up, and while their elite levels do not offer many benefits, they do give you additional bonus points, room upgrades, and welcome amenities such as additional points or welcome beverages. Better than nothing, especially if you get it for free.

So I headed out to the Best Western website and downloaded their status match form, which you can complete and then email, fax or send via regular mail, along with proof of your current status at your other hotel chain. Since Hilton Gold would get me a higher status with Best Western, I went with that one.

Literally the next business day I received an email from them with a welcome letter saying that my status had been matched, and that I now had Diamond Elite benefits with Best Western. I logged into my Best Western account and sure enough, the updated status was showing:

Best Western Diamond

It was very easy, free, and now we’re all set for our next trip, where we will take advantage of additional benefits and hopefully get a nice room upgrade.

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