RIP Amazon Payments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you’ve probably heard that effective 10/13/14, you will no longer be able to send payments to others via Amazon Payments.


Amazon Payments was a great vehicle to easily pay up to $1,000 per month for free to someone using a credit card. This was not only convenient if you had legitimate payments you made each month to friends and family, but it was also a way to earn free points.

According to the change in terms at Amazon Payments, you will be able to use the system through October 12, 2014. Effective October 13, 2014, the payment system will no longer be available. This means you can make the maximum $1,000 payment per person this month and the following month through October 12, 2014 only.

In order to fill the gap that Amazon Payments will leave, I’ve already closed my Bluebird account, which I hadn’t been using anyway, and opened a Serve account. My wife has had a Serve account for a while, so by closing my Bluebird account I can also open one (you cannot have both a Bluebird and a Serve account open at the same time).

This is just another example of the evolution of the travel hacking game. One door closes and another one opens. Amazon Payments was great while it lasted, and it will be missed!

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7 Responses to RIP Amazon Payments

  1. Jerry Mandel says:

    Buying money orders for bank deposit does not require 2 people. That and prepaying utility, cable, and insurance bills are the fastest ways to meet minimum spending.

    • travelguys says:

      Jerry, while these are valid ways (although buying MOs always comes with a risk as we’ve noted before), I wouldn’t necessarily say prepaying utilities and other expenses is the fastest or even most effective way of meeting minimum spending. By prepaying you have to be able to float that money, which a lot of people aren’t able to, and you’re also at the mercy of the merchant issuing a check right away for the excess or using the credit over time. If they make you use the credit over time, it would take a very long time to recoup as most households utility bills aren’t in the thousands of dollars. There are faster and more secure ways in my opinion, but everyone plays the cards that are available to them and does whatever they’re most comfortable with. Thanks for the tip!

  2. MickiSue says:

    Agreed. My goal isn’t only minimum spend, but high, safe spend over time to continually accrue points and miles.

  3. Larry says:

    Do you or your wife use credit card to fund your Serve account.? If yes, does your credit card charge you advance fees for the transaction?


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