Office Depot let me buy a Vanilla Reload with a credit card!!!

Nah….just an April Fool’s joke. But entertaining to read!

Last night I went to Office Depot doing my usual rounds of gift cards, when I noticed that Office Depot had switched the paper Vanilla Reload cards they have on display with actual plastic cards.

Vanilla-ReloadsSo I took a shot in the dark and took one of them to the register. I got the usual “Cash Only” warning from the cashier, but I told him to check with the manager just in case. The manager came over and pulled me to the side, and he told me “I know what you’re up to. I read travel blogs too, and I know what these cards are for. But you do buy a lot of stuff at our store, so I will help you out and override the register warning and let you pay with your Chase Ink card”. I couldn’t believe my ears! I took him up on the offer, and forget one, I ended up walking away with 6 Vanilla Reload cards!

The manager (who I won’t mention here, and I won’t disclose the store either), told me that some other store managers are allowing this on a discretionary basis, but you have to find out who they are first. He told me they can recommend someone to another store, but you pretty much have to speak in codes to them and mention a specific name that will give them a hint that another store manager says it’s ok to let you pay with a credit card, and that will allow them to sort of “fly under the radar”. He told me the best way to get a store manager to override the register codes is to tell them that Calvin Cordozar sent you to see them and told you it’s ok to override the credit card block on the register to let you pay for the Vanilla Reload card with your credit card.

So there you have it. See if you have the same success I had. Would love to hear everyone’s experience after trying out your local store.

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2 Responses to Office Depot let me buy a Vanilla Reload with a credit card!!!

  1. travelguys says:

    Happy April Fools’ Day!

    On a serious note, Vanilla Reloads are still working at my local CVS!

  2. dany says:

    A couple of the CVS stores near my house in Gainesville, FL are still selling them as well, and the last cashier I spoke to when I picked one up yesterday told me she had not seen any memos about them switching to cash only.

    That WOULD be the day if we could VRs at Office Depot.

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