Alternatives places to find Vanilla Reload cards

Since many people are having trouble finding locations that both sell Vanilla Reload cards and let you purchase them using a credit card, we thought we’d share a couple of places that are carrying them. For a refresher or if you’re not familiar with the great features and use of these cards, you can refer to this prior post.


Vanilla-reloadsI visited the first location yesterday and this was their gift card rack:


I was able to pick up a vanilla reload card and when I was ready to pay, the cashier told me “I think these might be cash only, but let’s try anyway”. She rang up the card for the maximum $500, I swiped my Chase Ink card, and the transaction went through, so the particular location I visited wasn’t a problem at all. Others have reported mixed success when trying to purchase with a card. The idea with using the Ink card to purchase the reloads is that the card pays 2 points per dollar spent at gas stations, and I have seen reports such as this Frequent Miler article noting that the purchases do ring up as gas, so a $503.95 purchase “should” earn 1,007 points.

I have not tried the second location yet, but I have read mixed results, so if you’re looking for reload cards, you could try your local store and see if you have any success.

A note of caution when purchasing at these locations. These are convenience stores, and are not thought of as traditional places where you would spend a lot of money, so proceed with caution and at your own risk and a pace that you’re comfortable with, or risk being shut down and your credit cards closed. Know your limits, and try to mix things up, such as putting normal every day spending on your cards and avoid spending thousands of dollars only on a single place to minimize the risk of account closure.

If you know of any other places where you’ve had success, feel free to share them in the comments section below.



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  1. Audree says:

    I’ve purchased Vanilla Reload cards at 2 different 7 11 with a credit card last week. Loaded $500 at each location. The following day I bought 2 cards at one location. No problems.

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