24K points returned from SPG!

The SPG Devaluation kicks in today and I decided to not waste any time.  At Midnight I checked the SPG site and noticed they had already updated the categories.

The Westin Valencia is one of only 47 properties that are going down in category.  Lucky for me I had an existing 5 night stay there at 64K points.  So I started a secure chat to get my Westin Valencia 5 night stay updated to the new rates.  In this case the property was dropped from a Category 5 to Category 4 dropping the per night award to 10K with the total stay coming in at 40K after leveraging the 5th night free promotion.

10 minutes later my stay was re-rated and I’m 24K SPG points richer and a lot closer to another stay elsewhere!  It’s not all bad with the latest SPG changes.

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