St. Martin RIU (Old Radisson Blu)

Some weeks back we visited the RIU in St. Martin (Old Radisson Blu).  Last time we visited,  we fell in love with St. Martin and in particular with this Radisson Blu property.  So we quickly planned our return some 8 months ago with some family.  Unfortunately as of June 1st the property changed ownership from Radisson Blu to RIU.

Radisson Blu

Luckily for us our stay was honored and we were even upgraded to a suite for having Club Carlson status.

Since I reviewed this property before, I’ll review the suite below and will say that the service was ehhh just ok.  We visited just days after the transition and they were still working out a few kinks.  So much so that our family member’s reservation was nowhere to be found and took a good 30 minutes to find it and get them in a room.

The property still has the wonderful complementary breakfast buffet which is a plus.


The Marina Suites although being a little further from the reception were rather nice.  They had a wonderful view of the marina where all I could do was daydream of learning to sail and cruise the Caribbean.

Radisson-Blu-Sign Radisson-Blu-Marina

Traveling with kids, it was great to be upgraded to a suite.



I really wish this property would have remained a Radisson but at least we were able to enjoy it on a couple of visits.  Hopefully another Radisson Blu pops up in the Caribbean in the future.

As a strange coincidence, we also booked the Hyatt in Cancun later this year and recently found out that it too was sold but they are honoring existing award bookings.

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