My Megabonus offer updated after my phone call to Marriott

I read a few days ago as reported by a few bloggers and this Flyertalk thread that it is possible to contact Marriott and request a better Megabonus offer, so I did just that yesterday.

In accordance with the terms of the Megabonus starting on February 1st, you will earn one free night at a Category 1-4 property for every second eligible stay, up to two free nights. The promotion ends April 30th.


I expressed my disappointment to Marriott about the fact that in the past I had been able to earn Category 5 stays but now this promotion had been limited to Category 4 properties, and I told them I had a fair amount of stays coming up with them. The rep did not hesitate for one second and told me he would be happy to note my account so that at the end of the promotion I could call in, and they could convert my Category 4 certificates into Category 5’s.

The rep even told me that while they usually wait until the end of the promotion just to take a look at your account and make sure those certificates haven’t been used, if I was in desperate need of those certificates I could even call prior to the end of the promotion and they would allow me to use the higher Category 5 certificates.

This is excellent news if you’re registered for the promotion and plan to take advantage of it. A Category 5 certificate opens up a lot more properties that you would otherwise not be able to stay at. For instance, I’m planning a trip to San Diego this spring and would like to stay at the Courtyard San Diego Downtown, which is a Category 5 property with really good reviews.

If you’re registered and have some certainty that you will have Marriott stays, I would take 5 minutes and make the phone call and try to have your account noted. It doesn’t hurt if you have already taken advantage of the promotion before and they can see you’ve had some stays with them in the past.

You can also refer to this prior article for a list of other hotel promotions.

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6 Responses to My Megabonus offer updated after my phone call to Marriott

  1. Teresa says:

    Are there different Megabonus benefits? My Megabonus gives me 35,000 bonus points after 20 paid nights plus an additional 15,000 after 25 paid nights, up to 50,000 points and doesn’t say anything about certificates for certain category hotels. This is how my Megabonus has been for the last 3 or 4 I have participated in.

    • travelguys says:

      Teresa, that’s correct. Thanks for bringing up. For instance, my brother has Platinum status and his offer was 50,000 points after 5 stays. He was going to call and request to switch to the certificates offer, since 2 Cat 5 certificates can be obtained after only 4 stays, and Cat 5 category hotels go for 25,000 each.

  2. Gordey says:

    I’m Platinum and have no Megabonus avaliable at all this year, my wife is Gold and has the standard bonus. This happened to me last year and we needed to work it so that a few paid stays was with my wife’s account to get the 2 free nights. I’m going to call the Platinum line on Monday and see if being nice might get me back into the bonus. I’d rather have these stays count towards my Platinum status for next year.

    • travelguys says:

      Yes and I would definitely try to get to the bottom of why you’re not getting these offers. I assume you don’t have your earnings selection set to miles, correct? I know some members who haven’t gotten the offer just because of that.

  3. Gordey says:

    I called the rewards customer service line and the representative quickly registered me for the Megus Bonus promotion for the free nights based on stays. He indicated that there was issues with the web site or soemthign like that.

  4. travelguys says:

    Gordey, great to hear. Best of luck with the promo!

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