A word of caution on the Hyatt Diamond challenge

A little while ago I completed my Hyatt Diamond Challenge, and now I’m a Diamond member through February 2015. With the top elite status comes lots of suite upgrades, free breakfast, extra bonus points, free internet and late check out, and several other benefits.

A few websites have suggested that with Hyatt’s new partnership with MLife, where MGM properties in Las Vegas count towards the challenge, you could leverage cheap stays at those properties to achieve the 12 nights required during the 60-day challenge period. NOT!


Hyatt has since revised the terms of the challenge, and for the most part, has trained all its reps to respond to individual questions warning members that MLife stays will not count towards the challenge. In addition, after you sign up for the challenge, Hyatt will email you a package of instructions that specifically states that MLife stays do not count. While it was great to be able to get credit towards the challenge, Hyatt has understandably changed course, since members were staying at hotels like the Excalibur for as low as $25 per night and getting Diamond status the easy way.

So if this challenge strategy is in your plans, you might want to make alternative plans, as this easy deal is now virtually dead.

For current updates and pretty much now “failure” stories, you can follow this Flyertalk thread.


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