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Thanks to Mommy Points for posting about this game!

Hyatt has released a new targeted promotion The Chase that allows Hyatt members to play a quick online game for a chance to get extra points, upgrades, Diamond status, or coupons.    Give the link a shot and enter your Hyatt Passport number to see if you qualify.  I had not seen the e-mail but my account was allowed to play yet my wife’s did not qualify.


The game allows you to traverse the globe making decisions as you go along so there are multiple paths.  In the end you are presented with a trunk or multiple trunks.  If you don’t pick a trunk’s prize, you can keep playing the game over and over to see alternative outcomes.  Once you pick a trunk you are stuck with your choice.

My Trunks

I was offered the 15% off Hyatt coupon after a few tries and ended up taking it.  I quickly called the Diamond line and they were able to apply the coupon to an existing reservation I have for New Year’s week.  In the end it’s going to save our family about $130.

The Sweepstakes

One of the prizes is an entry to win 5 nights at any Hyatt Hotel.  Oddly enough according to the rules if you are presented with the “entry” trunk as well as other trunks yet opt to not pick the entry as your trunk, you can still take the other prize and enter the sweepstakes manually via snail mail:

“If the “Entry to Win 5 Nights at any Hyatt Hotel” was made available to you as a Trunk option, but you would prefer to choose a different Trunk Reward, you may enter the Sweepstakes by mail instead by hand print in blue or black ink on a 3″x5″ card your full name, complete address (no PO Boxes), phone # (w/ area code), date of birth, and email address (if available), and mail it in a postage-paid envelope to “The Chase Sweepstakes Mail-in Entry, Hyatt Corporation, Attn: Hyatt Gold Passport Manager, 71 S. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60606.” Limit one (1) entry per envelope. Mail-in entries must be postmarked during the Promotion Period and received by November 6, 2013.”

Any Luck?

Were you able to play and if so what prize did you go with?

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6 Responses to Hyatt – The Chase Game

  1. Nope, nothing. But I was able to play right after signing up for the Hyatt Gold Passport account (thanks to my MLife Sapphire account). It was fun nonetheless 😀

  2. kcmichigan says:

    I played and was presented with three options: 10% off a night, 100 points or the entry into the sweepstakes. I took the entry into the sweepstakes.

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