Second night free at Club Carlson with my new U.S. Bank card

A few days ago I booked a Country Inn & Suites for a stay I have coming up. This was my first experience using the U.S. Bank Club Carlson Premier Visa Signature card that I got during my latest credit card churn. One of the key features of this card comes with the added perk of getting the last night free on any reward stays of two or more nights.

I searched for my hotel and saw that it was going for a rate of 28,000 points per night, and it also included free breakfast and wifi, so I thought it was a pretty good deal.


I needed to book two nights, and as you can see  below, it was reflecting 56,000 total points for the entire stay, but take a look at the red box below the price:


When I booked the hotel, I still had not received my Club Carlson Visa credit card, but my account showed that they had already linked the card to it, so when I went to the next page to book, I was able to verify that the second night was already pricing out at zero points:


So effectively I was able to book two nights for the price of one. I love this card, because it lets me stretch our points even further, and since Club Carlson lets you transfer points between accounts for free, if I ever run out of points, we will then transfer my wife’s points into my account to keep taking advantage of this great benefit.


Disclosure: The link above is a public offer and not our affiliate link, and it is the best public offer that we are aware of. As such, we earn no commissions or referral fees if you apply using this link. As always, thank you for reading our site. 

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2 Responses to Second night free at Club Carlson with my new U.S. Bank card

  1. Rick says:

    Did you need to have 56,000 points in your account to book the reservation and then received a credit of 28,000 points once the reservation was confirmed, or did you only need 28,000 points in the account to book the reservation?

    • travelguys says:

      Rick, that’s a good point, and I haven’t run into this issue since I have about 300,000 points in my account. This is the first time I hear this question, which is great. If you have a low number of points on your account, have you tried to book something that would initially put you over your total points but after the credit would be ok? I would try this and see what happens.

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