Club Carlson Transfers and Status Match

A few additional perks of Club Carlson include the ability to transfer points and their status match.

Unlike with other programs, point transfers to other members are completely free with Club Carlson.  Additionally, unlike SPG, you can transfer to any member even if they don’t reside at the same household.  So you can get the US Bank card for you or your spouse and join your points to leverage the free last night promo available with the card holders account!

Additionally, if you have status with another hotel program, you can contact Club Carlson and ask if they will status match.  I received Silver Elite status with them last year this way and just did the same for my wife.  Their initial response looks like this:

“We appreciate your recent message. We do value your business and
appreciate you as a Club Carlson member. We would like to offer to match
elite status that you have with either of the following programs:

SAS- Eurobonus
NH Hotels
Melia Hotels
Jumeirah International

We can match top level to Gold Elite and second level to Silver Elite.
Our newest Concierge Elite level cannot be matched, it must be earned.
In order to match status, please provide us with proof of current
membership, either a copy of your current loyalty card or current
statement showing your current status.”

Simply scan or print your status screen and submit the proof back to them.  As a Silver Elite you get:

  • Complimentary room upgrades as available
  • 25% point bonus on every eligible stay
  • 2,000 point online booking bonus at or any Carlson Rezidor hotel website
  • Early check-ins and late checkouts as available upon request
  • Roll Over Nights (unused elite-qualifying nights count again next year toward elite status)
  • Elite Customer Service Line

Just a few ways to get the best bang for using Club Carlson!

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