Club Carlson Gold Status Reminder

Here are two quick and easy ways to achieve Club Carlson Gold status.


Club Carlson Visa

If you have the Club Carlson Premier Premier Rewards Visa card you automatically get Gold Status.  This is by far the easiest way which also gets you the Bonus Award Night benefit.  When you have this card and you book award nights you will get your last night free.  So if you book 2 award nights you effectively get two nights for the price of one.

Status Match

This is just a reminder that some hotel programs status match based on your status in another program.  In Club Carlson’s case they will status match you from a number of programs.  As I mentioned earlier this year, they matched my Hilton Gold with Club Carlson Silver Elite.  This time around since I achieved Hyatt Diamond I contacted them again and received Club Carlson Gold.

Note from Club Carlson

This is the reply from Club Carlson on their status match details:

“We do value your business and appreciate you as a Club Carlson member. We would like to offer to match elite status that you have with either of the following programs:

SAS- Eurobonus
NH Hotels
Melia Hotels
Jumeirah International

We can match top level to Gold Elite and second level to Silver Elite. Our newest Concierge Elite level cannot be matched, it must be earned. In order to match status, please provide us with proof of current membership, either a copy of your current loyalty card or current statement showing your current status.”

Gold Status Benefits

The complete list of status benefits can be found here.  The highlight of Gold benefits for us are specifically the following:

  • Free Internet
  • Complementary Room Upgrade
  • 50% point bonus

I have a number of Club Carlson stays coming up before the end of the year and I will benefit from the extra 25% point bonus over Silver status and also have a better chance of securing an upgrade.

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