100% bonus points when you buy Club Carlson points on Cyber Monday

Club Carlson is offering a Cyber-Monday deal where you can purchase up to 10,000 points and earn 100% bonus points.

Club CarlsonAs always, points must be purchased in 1,000 point increments, at $7 for every 1,000 points. If you maximize the promotion and buy all 10,000 points the cost is $70, so you’re basically buying 20,000 points for $70.

Purchasing points is limited to 40,000 per calendar year, so if you’ve already taken advantage of earlier promotions in 2014 and have purchased the maximum you won’t be able to take advantage of this promotion. Otherwise, mark your calendars as this promo will be available tomorrow only.

Transactions are processed by Points.com and not by Club Carlson, so you will probably earn only 5x per dollar spent if you use your Club Carlson card. You could also pay with your Discover card, which currently offers 5% cashback on online purchases, and your net cost would be $66.50.


If you have a spouse who can also take advantage of the promotion, you can essentially buy 40,000 points for $133 between the two of you. You can then combine the 40,000 points and if you also have the Club Carlson Premier Visa, you will almost have enough points for two free nights at properties such as the Radisson Blu Rome, at 44,000 points (total) via the card’s second night free benefit , which would then make this promotion a pretty decent one.

This is also a good opportunity if you’re simply looking to top off an account for an upcoming redemption, so it’s a good time to take advantage of this bonus while it is available.


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