Hilton Key Largo Resort – Review

I had some Hilton points sitting around after dumping most of my balance just before this year’s devaluation and decided to use them on a trip to visit the Hilton Key Largo Resort during a recent visit to the Florida Keys.  The property is on Mile Marker 97 on the bay side of US1, only a 90-minute drive from Miami.


Our general impression from this property is that it’s in need of a general overhaul.  It’s had regular maintenance and is kept up somewhat ok, but many of the items around the property are showing excessive signs of wear.  Doors, fans, walls, paint, pool…


Check-in was smooth and we were quickly advised that as Gold members we were upgraded to an ocean view room which is always nice when it’s done unprompted.  We were also given our free breakfast vouchers.



The room was well furnished and clean but overall was starting to show signs of wear.  The ocean view room was a nice upgrade providing a nice view over the trees and overlooking the bay.

Hilton-Key-Largo-Room2 Hilton-Key-Largo-Room




The Pool although it looks nice in pictures was a huge disappointment for our family.  We showed up in the morning to find a white film of “stuff” on top of the water.  Seems like the skimmer wasn’t operating.  Whatever the reason, by 11AM the hotel staff should have found out about this issue during their morning routine and either cleaned it or closed it. This isn’t some property near the airport. Pools and beaches are a big deal in the Florida Keys.

In addition to the water condition, the lounge chairs are worn and have a stink to them. Needless to say our visit to the pool lasted all of 10 minutes.



The resort has a small beach which is ok.  The sand is not like ocean side sand, it’s a bit mushy which is typical of a bay side beach in the area.  However, the beach is nice with plenty of chairs and additional activities such as jet skis and sailing.  The beach area does have plenty of trees which allow for a great way to enjoy the beach while having some natural shade to stay cool.



The breakfast buffet was actually pretty good and this is one of the areas of the property that you can tell had been redone more recently.  The restaurant was well furnished and newer looking.





If you like sunsets, this is a great property for them.  Our room happened to have a great view, but the beach and rest of the property also has some spectacular places to catch a sunset.


Overall I was expecting quite a bit more from this property.  It’s still in a good location with a few good pros, but it needs to be renovated pronto.

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  1. Bob says:

    I’ve been wondering about this property…thanks for the review!

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