Below are some industry terms to help you along the path of understanding this exciting hobby.

Mattress Run – Trip to hotel for the purpose of earning points, status or taking advantage of a promotion.

Mileage Run – Flight taken to earn extra points or status.  Typically to maintain status.

Open Jaw – Ticket that allows return from a different city than the city you flew into.  Example: New York to Paris returning Rome to New York.  Open jaw could also be in the departure city.  Example: Paris to New York and New York to Rome.

Stopover – When you connect through a city for more than 4 hours for domestic connections or 24 hours for international connections.   Maximum length of stopover is dependent on carrier and type of ticket.

App-O-Rama – Applying for multiple credit cards on the same day to take advantage of multiple promotions and bonus offers. All applications are done on the same day to prevent banks from having enough time to “talk to each other” via credit bureau reporting tools and see that you’ve applied for a credit card with another bank. This makes it easier to get approved for all credit cards and taking advantage of several promotions at once.

Churning – Applying for credit cards with the sole purpose of taking advantage of a promotional offer or sign-up bonus, earning the bonus points, and then closing the account, usually with the purpose of either avoiding the annual fee or applying for the same credit card and getting the sign-up bonus again in the future.


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