Using e-Rewards for free hotel stays

If you have one or two reward programs with a few thousand points and they’re not enough to book a reward stay or a flight, you can leverage the use of e-Rewards to boost your balance and cash the points out.

E-Rewards is a service that lets you answer surveys in exchange for virtual money, which you can then exchange for points to your favorite rewards program.

For instance, I have 5,900 La Quinta points parked in my account which I really have no use for and are about to expire in December 2013. I could cash in $60 in e-Rewards currency into 2,200 La Quinta points (among many other programs), or $100 for 4,000 points.


With some La Quinta redemptions starting as low as 8,000 points per night, I am now able to plan one of this year’s trips around this stay. I’ve never stayed at La Quinta before and it doesn’t necessarily sound as “luxury”, but a decent free stay is a free stay in my book.

E-Rewards is usually by invitation only, but the American Airlines website has a public link here that is currently working and seems to be letting everyone join. You get 250 AA miles just for signing up and completing your first survey, plus whatever currency you earn by completing as many surveys as you’d like.

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