VIP in Delta’s dining rewards

In addition to AA’s dining rewards program, I now also have VIP status with Delta’s dining program. I did this over a period of 2-3 weeks and it only cost me about $20 in total morning coffees and pastries. I received the email a few days ago.

Delta's dining program VIP

The reason why I wanted VIP status in at least two different airline programs is two-fold. First, it gives me flexibility to earn high amounts of dining miles in two separate programs, at 5x miles per dollar in each. Second, by only using one of them and not using the other one, sometimes you are targeted for additional bonus offers by the program that you are not using so that they can get you to spend money with them. If that happens, I will already have VIP status and be ready to go by earning a total of 5 miles per dollar spent (instead of the usual 3 miles per dollar).

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