Quadruple dip on dinners

Last month I wrote in this article about how you could possibly double and triple dip when having dinner at some of your favorite local restaurants. This time I wanted  to share a more specific example of how to not double or triple, but QUADRUPLE dip with a combination of savings and programs available. I will use an example of a local restaurant I really like because of their food and ambiance, Silo Elevated Cuisine in San Antonio:

First Dip (Groupon)

Groupon has been selling certificates to this restaurant for a few days. Groupons usually have several restrictions, including days of the week that you can use them, but in this particular case, they were selling a $40 value groupon for $23, so I purchased one and saved $17 off a dinner.


Double dip (TopCashBack)

On the day that I purchased the Groupon, TopCashBack was offering up to 15% cash back on purchases at Groupon.

GrouponSo before purchasing the deal, I linked up through TopCashBack for 15%. Now, I’m not a first time Groupon customer and I may not actually get the 15% cash back. To be sure, I should have linked through the 5% deal, but I got greedy and wanted to see if the 15% cash back deal works. If I don’t get it, no big deal, but you can get 5% back for sure if you’re an existing customer, or simply create a new account.

Triple Dip (Open Table)

When you’re ready to finally visit the restaurant, search Open Table, which earns you points for making free reservations (and showing up). The average reservation earns you 100 points, but there are many restaurants that will earn you 1,000 points. In this particular case, my restaurant is available most weekends at several prime time spots for 1,000 points.


Open Table is great because not only is it free, but every 2,000 points you get a $20 restaurant gift certificate. Open Table has a feature that lets you search either all restaurants, or only those with 1,000 point tables, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Quadruple Dip (Dining Rewards Network)

Yet another way of earning additional rewards is by dining at restaurants that participate in the Dining Rewards network. Most major airlines participate, and American Airlines is currently running a promotion for new members where if you spent $30 or more on a single dinner and complete the restaurant’s review, you will earn 1,000 bonus miles, in addition to the regular 3 miles per dollar (or 5 miles per dollar if you are a VIP member like me).

Even more savings!

In my particular example, you can save even more money by purchasing restaurant gift cards at a discount. For example, Costco sells $100 worth of gift cards for my restaurant for $79.99, a 20% savings.

SiloSo, it is possible to stack all these discounts to save a lot of money and earn a lot of points in the process. Let’s say I have a typical situation where I visit this restaurant and spend $100 on a dinner and drinks for 2-4 people. Here is a summary of the savings and points earned on a $100 tab:

– $40 paid with a $23 Groupon. Save $17
– 15% TopCashBack rebate on $23 spent at Groupon, $3.45
– 1,000 points earned via OpenTable reservation, worth $10
– On remaining $60 tab balance, pay $30 with AA dining rewards registered card, earn 1,090 AA miles for new members
– Pay remaining $30 with gift cards purchased above, and still have $70 balance left for next visit’s dinner

While this example is very specific to my own situation and dining preferences, it is meant to illustrate how you can possible stack multiple discounts, promotions and deals to save money, earn points, and spend time out with the family having a great dinner.

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  1. JOHN says:

    Unless it’s the first Friday of the month. Then save your gift card and use Chase Sapphire for 3 pts per dollar.

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