Points to the max and triple dip using the dining programs

If you’re not familiar with the dining reward programs for each of the major airlines, they are a great tool for earning additional miles on top of whatever credit card miles or points you earn by paying for dinner. In many cases is even possible to double and even triple dip when dining at some of your local restaurants.

Double dip:

If you’re not a member of any dining program, American Airlines’ dining program is currently offering a very generous bonus of 1,000 AA miles for new members. All you have to do is open an account, link at least one credit card, visit one of the restaurants that participate in the program and spend at least $30 within the first 30 days of registration, pay with the registered credit card, and complete a brief 1-2 minute survey within 30 days of your dinner.

AA-diningYou will earn at least 3 miles per dollar spent (as long as you sign up for marketing emails), and after 11 dinners you will have VIP status and will then earn 5 miles per dollar spent. This is on top of any points or miles you earn with your credit card. So for example, on a $100 dinner, you will earn at least 300 miles through the dining program. Pay with your Chase Sapphire card and you will earn an additional 2 Ultimate Reward points for each dollar spent. Any rewards credit card you use will earn you additional points in addition to the dining rewards miles. On the first Friday of every month, paying with your Chase Sapphire card will get you 3 points per dollar spent instead of the usual two points. No registration required.

Triple dip:

You can even go a step further and sign up for a free Open Table account. If you’re not familiar with it, Open Table is a reservations website that earns you reward points for making reservations (and showing up) to the restaurant. An average reservation earns you 100 points, but they have many 1,000 point reservations for certain restaurants during certain dates and times. After accumulating 2,000 points, you get a $20 gift certificate. Here are some fine current restaurants in my area that are offering 1,000 points, some even on weekends. Of the ones listed below, Silo Elevated Cuisine also participates in the dining program, allowing me to triple-dip when dining with them.

Open-Table-1000Dining reward programs are a very underrated way to earn extra miles and points, especially when you have VIP status. For better or for worse, we all eat at restaurants many times during the year, and this is a great way to earn extra miles for money you’ll be spending anyway.




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4 Responses to Points to the max and triple dip using the dining programs

  1. dany says:

    Fyi, delta dining is currently offering the same 1000 mile bonus

    • travelguys says:

      There are some pretty good bonuses out there right now. Anyone not using their dining rewards program or having several and using only one, I would recommend just closing the other ones and waiting a while to then sign up for the bonus again.

  2. Josh says:

    TBH seems like a lot of work for relatively small amounts of points.

    • travelguys says:

      Josh, definitely if it isn’t worth the effort you shouldn’t be doing it. I personally find it easy enough to just add my credit card numbers to my profile each time I get a new credit card, and after that there is nothing you need to do. The extra miles are automatic (you do have to submit a review, but I get the link via email and it takes me less than a minute). I don’t actively chase dining reward restaurants, but if I happen to see any in my area that I’ve never tried I am more than happy to do it and the extra miles are just the icing on the proverbial case, and sometimes I’ll go to a restaurant not even knowing that they participate and then get a nice surprise when I get the extra miles. A lot of us play this game not only for the points but also because it is fun and I do like milking every possible point out of each dollar spent.

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