Dining rewards – don’t forget to register new cards

We use dining reward programs regularly as they are a great way to earn extra miles when having dinner with the family. They are also a great way to reset the expiration clock on your miles. While many times we visit restaurants specifically because they participate in the program, inevitably every now and then you will go to dinner and end up at a restaurant you didn’t know it participates, and you might miss out on a ton of miles if you forget to take 60 seconds of your time and register new credit cards as they arrive.


A couple of weeks ago I did my most recent credit card churn, and sure enough, as soon as I received each card, I registered them with AA’s dining program, in which I have VIP status. That way even if I happen to visit a restaurant that I don’t know participates in the program, I can earn 5 miles per dollar spent. It took me a couple of minutes to register all my new credit cards. I even registered my wife’s authorized user cards under my account, as they don’t require you to enter the cardholder’s name and they will earn more miles under my account as she doesn’t have VIP status on hers.

So don’t forget to register all your cards as they arrive. It could be the difference between a couple of hundred free miles and no miles at all.


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