Dining Reward bonuses coming to an end on 8/31/14

The end of the month is coming up and with it the first 8 months out of 2014 are drawing to a close. Wow, where has the year gone?

With that date, remember that there are some dining reward targeted offers coming to an end after they were extended to August 31st, 2014. Several users have been targeted for different amounts, with offers ranging from 2,500 to as high as 10,000 miles for completing the promotion!

AA-diningMy personal offer was 5,000 AAdvantage miles for dining 10 times between June 30, 2014 and August 31, 2014. Each dinner needs to be a minimum of $40, which would have represented $400 worth of dinners. Some people have been targeted for as much as 10,000 miles.

I also received a United dining rewards offer of 2,500 miles for 5 dinners (or half as much as the AAdvantage offer).

United-diningSince we don’t dine out as much and some of our favorite restaurants aren’t in the dining rewards network, this offer was more attainable for me and I made a run for it. I have one dinner left before the end of the promotion.

Just remember that if you don’t think you will have time to meet all the dinner requirements before August 31st, you can contact some of the restaurants and find out if they sell gift cards. That way you can buy $40 gift cards, meet the promotion requirements, and then use the cards at a later date. As always, make sure you pay with a registered credit card for the purchase to count, and don’t forget to fill out the survey a few days after your dinner.

Don’t forget to check if your restaurant is on Open Table for even more points! Even quadruple dipping!

If you’re not a member of any dining rewards program, you’re really missing out. As a bonus, the AAdvantage program is offering 2,000 miles to new members just for signing up, completing one $30 minimum dinner and filling out the review. It’s the highest offer I’ve ever seen.


For a refresher about how dining rewards programs work, you can refer to this prior post.

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