Your booked cruise dropped in price? It never hurts to ask this…

Last month, we went on a Panama Canal cruise with Holland America. We booked the cruise 5 months ahead of schedule, since we had to plan our trip around our jobs. Originally, we booked an interior cabin. Right before our final payment deadline (75 days prior to sailing), we noted that the prices of oceanview cabins had dropped to the same price of our original reservation of an interior cabin. We immediately called our travel agent,, and since the cancellation deadline had not passed, we were able to rebook our cruise under the oceanview category. Most cruise lines will allow you to rebook your cruise under the lower price if you are still within the final payment deadline. However, once you cross that bridge, most cruise lines have policies that do not protect you from any price changes (exceptions include Carnival’s Early Saver program). That being said, it never hurts to call your travel agent or cruise line and politely request upgrades or compensation.

A month prior to our sailing, we noticed a flash sale for “new bookings only”, offering balcony cabins for the same price we had paid. We again called our agent and asked them to speak to Holland America regarding any possibility of an upgrade or cabin credit, and they were able to offer us an upgrade to a guaranteed balcony cabin. Even though we would have preferred onboard credit, we were still satisfied with the upgrade, given that their policy is to not match any price drop after final payment. Something is better than nothing. If the lower rate found is a regular rate and not a “special sale” or “limited time only” or “new bookings only” rate, your chances of credit or upgrades are higher.

So never give up. Keep looking. Most people book their flights, hotels or cruises and simply start getting ready for their trip. Keep checking those prices. A simple phone call and the right representative could get you additional savings, or at the very least, more bang for your buck.


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