Carnival – Adjusting a non-price guaranteed cabin

I just ran into a scenario by where some months back I had booked an inside cabin on a Super Saver fare, but the prices have gone down a little bit since.  The benefit of the Super Saver is that it is initially cheaper but you are not assigned a cabin at registration.  Instead, you are guaranteed a cabin in the category you picked but it could be on any floor.  It’s a bit of a gamble, but the few times I’ve booked this rate I’ve gotten nicer rooms on higher floors.  There is no guarantee, but I’m willing to play along for the possible upgrade.

The down side of a Super Saver fare is that there is no long term price guarantee as there is on the Early Saver fares.  In any case I tried.  Scenario was that my interior room rate had gone down by approx. $60 total for the cabin.  I called and asked if they would re-rate the room and quickly got a “NO, sorry but the terms….. blah blah blah”

So, I looked up the price of the ocean view.  Turns out the price of the ocean view was only $5 more added to the cabin total than what I had originally booked at in the interior room.  I called again asking to upgrade and sure enough because I was “upgrading” they were willing to give me the ocean view cabin for the new reduced rates.   My total cabin fare changed by $5 which I quickly paid.

In the end I didn’t get the money back for the decrease in prices but I was still able to take advantage of the new rates and get a better room category for very cheap.

In an Early Saver they would have honored the price decrease, but I would not have had the possibility of getting a room on a higher floor unless I paid more.  Again, it’s a gamble which I’m willing to take on a 4-day cruise.  It’s a win this time. Maybe I should also gamble at the ship’s casino?

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