How to meet bonus spending requirements (Part 1)

This is the first of a 3-part series in which we will detail strategies you can use to meet credit card minimum spending requirements to get a sign-up bonus. 

While some credit card sign-up bonuses require very little spending, sometimes the most lucrative bonuses require a lot of spending to get the entire bonus. For instance, the British Airways VISA Signature card requires a total of $21,000 in spending in 12 months to get the entire 100,000 Avios bonus, but 100,000 Avios can potentially get you a lot of free flights, as shown in this post. There are many things you can do to meet that kind of spending. Some are very obvious, and some require more creativity and work. We will start with the easy ones:

  1. Pay as many daily expenses as you can with your credit card. This includes food, movie tickets, dry cleaning, gas, clothes, etc.
  2. Put monthly bills on your credit cards. Most cell phone providers, cable/satellite providers, and internet providers can auto-bill your credit card each month.
  3. Pay your car and other insurance with a credit card. Again, most major insurance companies accept credit cards as a form of payment, and in fact, some give you a discount for prepaying the policy in full.
  4. Pay for your relatives expenses with your credit card and get the money back from them. Most would be happy to help. When you’re having lunch with friends and splitting a bill, if someone is paying their share in cash, offer to take the cash from them and pay their share with your credit card. It all adds up.
  5. Prepay your electronic tolls. In Florida, Sunpass will let you load up to $100 into your transponder, which you can then use over time as you drive in the next few months.
  6. Give to charity. Most charities accept credit cards as a form of payment when you make donations. Now you can get a tax deduction AND earn frequent flyer miles while you’re helping someone in need.

In the next few posts, we will detail other ways to meet minimum spending which are not so obvious, but that work just as well and will let you get through your minimum spending faster than you think.


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