Small, but positive change to the Discover cash back policy

A few days ago I received an email from Discover letting me know that it had changed its cash back policy. In the past, in order to redeem cash back as a statement credit, your cash back balance had to be a minimum of $50. This was always a point of hesitation for me to use my Discover card, as it required a lot of spending and having my cash back money parked on the account for a really long time before being able to cash it in.


Effective immediately, Discover is no longer imposing this minimum amount requirement, so you can redeem any amount on your account as a credit card statement credit or withdraw it into your bank account. This makes this card significantly more valuable.

I do use my Discover card strategically to take advantage of their 5% cash back calendar, which currently is gas and ground transportation until March 31st, 2015, transportation being defined as car rentals, bus and train tickets, cab rides, and Uber.

Being able to cash in my accumulated cash back right away is convenient and allows me to use the card more freely when it makes sense to take advantage of their bonus categories.

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  1. Jeffrey Mutnik says:

    I like to use the 5% quarterly promotions to generate enough to buy a gift card for $40 that is worth $50 at a retailer that I intend to buy from. The extra 25% discount is like getting 6.25% cash back rewards. Pretty tough to beat.

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